Devil is in the Details

Saving money through the details in Fort Worth

Details matter when it comes to business. This is true when buying equipment and when figuring out the cost of supplies. Many vendors will try to hide different details that cost money, since this will create a higher margin. “Where there’s mystery, there’s margin” is how the old saying goes. This means that if the details are obscured, more money can be made.

Make sure you get a break down of expenses with every copier lease or maintenance contract you consider in Forth Worth. If the company doesn’t provide you with one, take the time and do the break down yourself. Compare the price of these contracts with the output your office does on a monthly basis. Only go with the contracts that save you money.

A typical contract may look like this:

Copier — $269 per month for 60 months with 5,000 included pages.

That seems like a good deal, but there might also be an itemized contract that looks like this:

Copier — $3,899
Extra tray — $600
Fax Option– $600
Supplies + Maintenance is at $.02 per print for 5,000 prints

The second one is actually cheaper, coming in a $225 a month. Don’t let a good deal pass you buy because it might look more expensive.