Buy the Perfect Color Copier

bankruptcy-alternativesSelecting the Perfect Color Copier for Your Fort Worth Business

How do you choose the best copier for your Fort Worth office? First, you have to determine the main purpose of your color copier. If you need your color copier mostly for images, you should pay close attention to how much detail it prints. When your business relies on large volumes of colored documents such as reports, marketing materials and brochures, then you need to find a color copier with a high resolution. In addition, look at the toner yield to understand how many colored images you will be able to produce before you have to replace cartridges.

In addition, look at the speed of your color copier. A small to medium-sized business that can produce 35 to 35 pages per minute will provide a sufficient amount. Also, you need to look at the monthly output capacity. The average needed will be around 100,000 pages per month. Energy efficiency will save you money over the long term. For example, a duplex automatic document feeder will let you copy on two sides for pages.