Xerox Copier Special

targetXerox has an end of the year copier special on the robust Xerox WorkCentre 7556.  This copier is 55 pages per minute with low color print rates.  It is a high end copier that was retailing for over $20,000 or over $400 a month and is on special under $10,000 or under $200 a month.  The Xerox WorkCentre 7556 is a great special.

Finding a copier that suits your business can be tricky.  The Xerox 7556 is a copier which can suit most companies.  It can handle 20,000+ pages a month and has a low cost per print.  If you are getting color copier quotes that are like $150 a month and only 20 or 30 pages a minute, this is a way to get one that is 55 pages a minute for about the same price.

Give us a call to get a new copier in Fort Worth.  We would love to help your business.