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Copier Lease Center specializes in helping you get excellent prices and service across the whole United States!



We are based in the Denver, Colorado area, but we can serve our clients anywhere in the United States with Xerox factory trained service!


We work hard to be transparent with pricing and to ensure we are always offering our clients a fair deal. Working with us, you will get fair pricing and no nickel and diming.



We are Xerox authorized and you will have access to the ConnectKey Technology which puts app technology into the copier to improve office efficiency.



No Lease Paperwork Fee

Up to $300 with some companies

No Network Installation/Training Charge

Commonly $250

No Charge to Return Copier at Lease End

Ready for another $600 charge?

Ours is free when upgrading with us.

No Cost Shipping for Copier Supplies While in Contract

Some charge $10 or more per shipment.

Could add upto over $600 through lease term.

No Coverage Penalties

(exceeding 5% B&W or 20% for color)

Usually results in a rate increase of 30% or more!

No Fee to Keep 1 Spare on the Shelf

If you had to purchase all of the supplies for this,

could cost over $1500.


We would like to thank you for taking the opportunity to let us help you with your copier purchase. We strive to make the buying and support of your copier as simple as possible. First, regarding service - we have nationwide USA coverage which means we will only use 100% factory authorized Xerox reps.

One key benefit of working with Pahoda Image Products is we don’t believe in “hidden fees.” If you have gotten a quote already, look out for some of these common “hidden fees.” We don’t surprise you with nickel and dime charges during your contract. Period!

Getting a copier lease quote can be confusing and we strive to itemize our quotes for our clients.  We work hard to spell out precisely what costs you will have and what to expect when working with us on your office photocopier purchase.  We sell Xerox copiers as well as some used copiers when the copier matches the client need.  If you have any questions pertaining to copier leasing we would love to help get you the information you are looking for.

We look forward serving you!  Please scroll up and click the "Get Pricing" button to get and itemized copier lease quote today!



"When leasing a copier, the average rep will do a 5 year FMV copier lease for everyone. The question should be, is this right for EVERYONE? We don’t believe every copier lease is perfectly suited for every person. Some people need a shorter lease, some need a longer lease.
So, let us go over some of the leasing basics.
$1 Out Copier Lease – This is a lease that is essentially getting a capital equipment loan.


At Copier Lease Center, we pride ourselves on our partnership with Xerox. What this means is if you are in a small town in Montana or in Denver or Dallas, we can help you out. As long as your company is in the USA we can cover you. We help remotely to fix common day to day issues (over 60% of service issues can be resolved with a phone call that takes less than 10 minutes.)
We help companies with multiple locations be under one service plan for all of their facilities.


We have industry leading partners for Copiers, Printers, Document Management and Folders/Inserters. We would love to help you out. (Can you also swap the Xerox and Unibind Positions?)



Maybe you are already ready to make a copier purchase and don't want to have to talk to 100 dealers to get what you want. Let us help


We love answering questions and providing valuable information to our clients!

The primary brand of copier we lease is the Xerox line.  Their current models include the AltaLink and the VersaLink family of products.  In the AltaLink series there is the Altalink C8030, C8035, C8045, C8055 and C8070 (color and tabloid capable).  In the Black and White copiers the B8045, B8055, B8065, B8075 and B8090 are the copiers.  C means color and B means Black and white.  The Xerox Altalink products are fantastic copiers.


For people looking for a desktop copier, don't forget Xerox's VersaLink line. Popular models include the Xerox VersaLink C405, C505, C605. Other models are the C7020, C7025 and C7030 models.

Lease Buyouts

We offer lease buyouts if your current copier company just isn't working for you! We would love to help you.

Maintenance Included

We include maintenance as part of our offerings. Every city in the USA can be covered through our relationship with Xerox national service. We have clients all over the USA, are you next?

We Saved One Company Over $20K

We have a Real Estate Property management company we just signed up in May who with just 2 copiers were able to reduce their monthly payment by $500 a month on a 39 month lease. Can you think of anything $20000 could help your company with?

What Lease Should I Choose?

Many clients want to make sure they are getting the right copier. A copier lease makes it easy to make monthly payments and not have to pay a ton of cash upfront. We will help explain this stuff to you, in real English!

Learn All About Copier Leasing!

We have a whole other section devoted to those who would like to learn more about copier leasing. We believe in giving you all the information you need to make an informed copier leasing decision.


Xerox AltaLink C8030 Multifunction Printer

The Xerox AltaLink C8030 Multifunction Printer comes at a great price and producing up to 30 pages per minute, for printing color or black-and-white documents. This copier is great for small businesses and teams in order for them to be able to manage their day to day tasks easier. Help your team stay efficient with…

Service contract for your Copier

Did you know you could be paying $500+ for an engineer call out for your copier?   Signing up to a service contract for your copier can ultimately save you money in the long run. Wouldn’t you prefer less hassle and wasted time trying to sort copying issues out yourself? Service contracts include all calls…


Kyocera TASKalfa 2551ci Copier

Are you looking for the latest in color printing from Kyocera? We understand all companies requirements change with the growing economy and we love to assist you in getting the most from your copier. To meet these demands, it is essential that you have an MFP that can handle your copy, print, scan and fax…