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Take Care of Your Fort Worth Copier Needs…Responsibly

Being in the Fort Worth copier business is an adventure every day.   I generally divide groups of people I market copiers to into three basic categories: 1. Those who “Get It.” 2. Those who “Don’t Get It.” 3. Those who “Are Skeptical.” Those who “get it” are by far the easiest to market to.   They’re…

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If Your Quote Looks Simple, It’s Missing the Mark

Quotes are funny things.   When we ask for one here in Forth Worth, we like a simple number that covers all our needs.   It feels good to get a couple of them, take the least expensive one, subtract if from the most expensive quote and pat ourselves on the back for how much money we…

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What Questions Does Your Copier Rep Ask You? Pt. 1

This is one of those industry insider posts that will give you a little insight into the wild west of copiers in Fort Worth.   Like cars, insurance, and financial planning, copier sales are filled with margin.   The bigger copier you buy, the more your copier rep is going to make in commission.   There are extremely…

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