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Ask the Right Questions

People tend to go into buying a copier without having a very good idea about what it is that they are getting themselves into and this can be pretty problematic. Before buying a copier you need to be able to ask yourself some questions about what it is that you want to get out of…

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Fort Worth Copier Sales

Fort Worth Copier As a city representative of the business-friendly and hardworking state of Texas, few metropolises have met the recovery process from the 2008 mortgage crisis as head-on as Fort Worth. To date it is one of the only American cities to have fully emerged from the Great Recession that has plagued most states…

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Buying a Used Copier

Save and go green with a refurbished machine The economy is still in recovery but you need a new, faster copier with more features. Don’t despair, a refurbished xerox machine may be just what you need. In addition to money, a refurbished machine can help your company reduce its carbon footprint. Want to do your…

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Fort Worth Copier Contracts

Pay attention to lease contracts in Fort Worth Not all copier salespeople in Fort Worth are created the same. Some will be brutally honest with you, letting you know the exact cost of everything that you purchase or lease. Others will put themselves first, worrying more about the money that can be made than fostering…

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Ready for the New Year?

Your Fort Worth Company has probably struggled to break even this year and there are some normal expenses that you have put off until next year.  Maybe your copier is in that catagory.  How are you going to squeeze the new copier into a budget that is already way too tight?  Sometimes the best answers…

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