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Copier Sales in Tarrant County Can Be a Challenge!!

This post is kind of a post that I think will be cathardic.  I am sometimes frustrated when a customer calls me and wants information on copiers, sometimes taking up to 45 minutes of my time with questions and then when you call back they say, “I am not interested, bye.”  OK, I understand I…

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Tarrant County Copiers — Buying Secrets — SALT

If you are buying a copier in Tarrant County/Fort Worth, then you should consider these simple copier buying secrets.  Why SALT — Because salt is one of the most basic compounds in the world.  When you are buying a copier in Tarrant County, you need to stick with the basics too! S — Survey —…

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Tarrant County Copier Buying — Tip #2

There are a lot of comapnies out there who are really worried about the speed of their copier in Tarrant County.  They look at the spec sheets to see how many pages per minute the perspective copier will run.  However, today’s Tarrant County Copier tip is to pay attention to warm up times.  What is…

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Tarrant County Copier Buying Tips — #1

Are you a company in Tarrant County that needs a new copier, or maybe a used copier would suit you fine.  How do you decide what is the best way to get this new copier or used copier in Tarrant County?  The first thing that you should consider is the concept of TCO.  TCO is…

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