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Refurbished or Used

Businesses are always trying to cut costs but at the same time they are always looking to get the right equipment for their office to function as efficiently and properly as possible. This is why considering buying a used or refurbished copier can be a great idea for your Fort Worth area business. Buying used…

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Used Copiers are Sometimes Cheaper

Shopping for a new copier can be a pretty overwhelming endeavor due to the number of options there are on the market. Currently there are over 2,000 options to choose from and when you add in all of the used copiers that are now discontinued, there are over twice that many to choose from. A…

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Used Copiers in Ft Worth

Fort Worth: Used Copiers Purchasing a used copier in Fort Worth might seem as if it is cheaper than acquiring new equipment, but this analysis is somewhat misleading. One should always calculate the hidden costs of purchasing used equipment. This might include the remaining time left on the warranty, the remaining life of the unit…

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Used Copiers in Fort Worth!

If you are looking to trim a bit of money out of the company budget to help keep your business running strong, one great way to reduce your office costs is to look at your copier!  If you have a typical copier lease that is expiring, you may be better suited to look at used…

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Blow up the Way You Buy Copiers!

Copiers have been around for years and so has the way we buy copiers.  Nothing changes because we get used to our patterns.  What are some of the expensive patterns copier buyers in Fort Worth fall into? Rather than buying based on need, people buy based on what the old budget was.  Copier prices have…

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