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Copier Rentals

Need a copier for a special event or for a year? We will get you the perfect copier!

Need a copier for a special event or for a year? We will get you the perfect copier!

We do both FMV copier leases and $1 Buyout copier leases, call us to learn the differences.

Copier Sales

If you prefer to buy a copier outright, we are happy to get you a quote on that!

Line on Your Copies?

Most business owners have experienced the line that runs down their page. This is an infamous issue, and one common reason is that the drum is not working properly. However, the most common cause of the line issue is because a small piece of dirt has infiltrated the glass that scans.

How can you determine the cause? To figure out if the problem exists inside the printer, attempt to copy a page using the document feeder. Next, copy using the glass. If you still experience a line on your prints, then the issue exists inside the copier; however, if it only occurs when you run it through the feeder, then it is likely that you have a small piece of dirt that is distorting your prints.

As a Forth Worth company, we love helping people with their copier issues. We want them to get the most from their copier, and we have the expertise that can assist them with their problems. Our company will never sell or do something that we do not believe in. When you work with us, you are agreeing to higher standards in the industry, and you are supporting a higher level of excellence that builds a stronger reputation for the industry.

How do I get out of my current copier lease?

Copier leases can be tricky and if you are stuck in a bad copier lease, we can help you understand your options. Sometimes you may need to ride it out a bit longer, other times we can use manufacturer programs to help pay off the current lease obligation.

Local Company

We are one of the local companies who have built our business here in Fort Worth!

Parts and Service

If you need a part for an ailing copier, we can order this for you

Hourly or Per Print Plans

We can help you get copier service on an hourly or a per print contract basis

Multi Brand

We specialize in HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Copystar, Savin, Lanier, Epson and Lexmark - We'll find you the perfect fit


We are committed to quality, we only work with high quality suppliers

Community Involvement

Given that are from Fort Worth - We support many local non-profits in the area