B&W Copiers

Happy_PiggyWe deal with Black and White copiers everyday.  There are a lot of bad copier companies out there that oversell a copier just to make a few more bucks.  For example, we were just working with a real estate company and they had some thoughts about black and white copying which their previous dealer taught them.  Unfortunately, they didn’t think through their needs clearly enough.  It has cost them over $75,000 extra the last 3 years for this simple misunderstanding.  We want you to be happy and save money.  What was their mistake?

They thought they wanted an 80 page per minute copier because the agents shouldn’t be waiting around for a copier to get their  Fort Worth closings done in time.  So, they splurged for 4 offices and got 4 of these high powered machines to do 5,000 – 10,000 pages a month.  Here is the problem.

The copier they choose had a warm up time of 90 seconds.  So any speed advantage they would get over a 20 to 30 page a minute copier was lost.  The 20 to 30 page copiers would have been done printing before the “fast” one started.  It was a shame to see such a waste.  This is where we come in.  We will look at your environment and make sure you are not overbuying or underbuying for your needs. We work had to place the exact copier you will be happiest with in terms of both price and performance.  Give us a call to schedule a demo or to get a quote on a copier today!