Are Copier Expenses Breaking the Bank?

Copiers Breaking the Bank

Copiers Breaking the Bank

We talk to a lot of people these days who are concerned about the economy and want to make sure they are prudent before they make a copier purchase in Fort Worth, Texas.   We get this, to be sure, as we have to make a lot of our own decisions regarding what contracts to keep going and what to bid out again. 

As we talk to purchasing agents about copiers Fort Worth, we generally hear one of the following answers…

  • We are going to go ahead and keep what we have because we aren’t allowed to spend more
  • We already have 6 or 7 quotes
  • We are planning to purchase, but it will likely not be until … (you pick a date here…)

These all make sense in a tougher economy, but you need to be careful to not get so freaked out by the economy that you don’t look at what makes sense for your business.  If you are severly overpaying and want to look at the copier, it is good to know a lot of exciting things have happened over the last few years that may mean you’ll only be paying 1/3 to 1/2 of what you normally spend.