Copier Contracts are not Cell Plans

Copier Secrets

Copier Secrets

After looking at hundreds of copier contracts in the Tarrant County/Fort Worth area we have noticed a disturbing trend in a lot of the companies we work with.  Their previous copier contract sold them on the concept they never should have an “overage” …  This is a fallacy which costs customers a lot of money while they think they are getting a good deal.  Let’s look at this for a second. 

If you have a contract that has 10,000 pages at $.01 per page ($100.00) per month, but only print 5,000 pages, how much do you actually pay per copied page?  It is not the $.01 you signed up for!  Why?  Because you have 5,000 unused pages.  You are actually paying $.02 per print.  Let’s say this happens every month where you waste 4,000 pages…  How much is this costing you on a typical 5 year contract? 

4,000 X 60 X $.01 = $2,400.00

So, this is a lot of money to be wasting getting nothing in return.  If you had to pay $.012 for the 5,000 a month, you’d still be far better off!

Make sure you get what you pay for.  With Fort Worth Copier, that’s our goal, is to have every customer get a great value and be aware of what they are ACTUALLY spending on their copier in Fort Worth.