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Going Green Can Save You Money!

Going Green Saves Money

Going Green Saves Money

Are you a business in Fort Worth that has been thinking some about environmental sustainability but are afraid that if you go down the path of “Going Green” you will cost your business an arm and a leg?  There is good news for you!  Going Green does not have to be expensive!  In fact it can save money!  What are some of the best ways to go green with your copier in Fort Worth without costing an arm and a leg?

  • Always duplex when possible.  This will save you about $.005 per print.  If you do 100,000 prints per month, you just saved $500 per month!
  • Buy brands such as Xerox or Kyocera who emphasize this more than other copier companies (especially the solid ink and the color copiers)
  • The TaskAlfa copiers and solid ink mfp’s are awesome because they do not emit ozone which is considered a volitile organic compound.
  • Look at documents before printing.  Do you actually need this printed?  If not, just read it on the screen.
  • Set the wake up and sleep intervals on your copiers so it is in the energy saver mode as much as possible.  This will save electrical costs.

Any company can take some steps to go green, you just have to decide to do it.  If you need help choosing an environmentally friendly copier in Fort Worth, give us a call!