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Copiers and Security

Copiers and Security

Are you in an industry where security matters?  Did you know one of the things most of the new copiers has is a hard drive?  This is nifty for making faster copies, but if you do not purchase the data security kits, did you know these images can remain on your copiers for years?  What if you are an accountant?  Are you comfortable knowing if there is a theif who steals your copier, you may be giving away all of your clients social security and personal information?

This is a big issue and what you need to realize is that there can be a problem even if you sell it to a local Fort Worth company.  They may sell this copier to someone and they can pull the hard drive out of the copier and looking at the images. 

What you will want to do if security is a huge concern for your company is to either purchase a copier without a hard drive or purchase one with a data security kit.

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