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Copier Bills, the Necessity of Double Checking!

Check Out Your Copier Bills!

Check Out Your Copier Bills!

Do you have a copier and really don’t know exactly what you pay?  This is a bad sign.  If you have a copier in Fort Worth, you need to understand how you are billed and what you are getting charged for.  We have found customers getting billed by other companies (and I hate to admit it, but even a few times with our own customers) double their agreement rate.  How can this happen? 

The easiest way this can happen is that as a copier company maybe we have a typo which makes us believe the number of prints signed up for is lower or higher than it actually is.  We had a customer we signed up for 20,000 prints a month. He got confused when the bill said 10,000 a month were covered and he just had to pay an overage…  In this case it worked in his favor because our overage prices are cheaper than our base pricing per print.  However, if it went the other way, we would have been accidently charging him extra for prints which he wouldn’t have used.

This is not always intentional, as some customers believe, sometimes we can just make an honest mistake.  This is why it is important to know how your billing works and then check a few bills to make sure everything is happening as expected with your copier in Fort Worth.