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Not All Copier Decisions are Good Ones

Yes, there are bad copier decisions!

Yes, there are bad copier decisions!

Are you in the market for a copier and are thinking about renewing with the compny you have worked with for the last 20 years?  Maybe it is time to look at your decision and to evaluate some of the current options out there.  We have built our business by staying in touch with the needs of our customers and making sure we do what’s best for them, even if we make less doing it.  So, what are the most common ways to waste money without meaning to?

  • Buying Tabloid capable when you need letter/legal.
  • Buying color when it’s not needed
  • Buying a copier too big or too small for the job
  • Trying to avoid paying for an install or training and not getting any
  • Buying a high workload printer thinking it’ll be faster than a smaller copier

So, can you avoid these mistakes?  Certainly!  Armed with a little ambition and education you can get just the right copier for the job.  If you need help finding it, give us a call!