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Blow up the Way You Buy Copiers!

Blow up your old way of thinking about copiers!

Blow up your old way of thinking about copiers!

Copiers have been around for years and so has the way we buy copiers.  Nothing changes because we get used to our patterns.  What are some of the expensive patterns copier buyers in Fort Worth fall into?

  1. Rather than buying based on need, people buy based on what the old budget was.  Copier prices have been going down over the last 10 years and people still pay the same prices as they did 10 years ago.
  2. Purchasing a copier in Tabloid format rather than letter/legal when Tabloid isn’t needed.
  3. Buying from the guy who sold them the last copier by default rather than allowing competition.
  4. Rolling the current copier into the new lease for a “free upgrade” 6 months before the end of the current term. (Is anything really free.)
  5. Not itemizing a contract to see if they want to actually pay $1,700 for a stapler (granted, sometimes it is worth it, but sometimes it’s not)
  6. Only considering a new or a used copier.  If you plan to keep the copier 4 to 5 years, new is the way to go… For 1,2, or 3 you can make a case for a used copier at times.

Just try and take a step back to buy a copier in a way that makes sense.  Taking time to analyze and assess what you are doing will help you greatly whether you purchase a copier in Fort Worth from us or someone else.