Don’t Feel Trapped by Your Next Copier Lease in Fort Worth

Does your copier contract make you feel like a slave?

Does your copier contract make you feel like a slave?

It has almost been 5 years and it is time to start looking for a new copier.  The one you have has been working OK, but you felt a little stuck the last year or two because you wanted features like color scanning or just less service calls.  We have a little different view on copier leases than most copier companies in Fort Worth.  Copier companies have an interest in locking you into a 5 year contract, but why?

  1. If you are locked into a 5 year contract, they don’t have to requote every year.  Saves time and energy.
  2. There is a lower chance of losing a customer (you), even if performance is a bit off.
  3. It is more profitable to do it this way.  More payments and the extra profit can be spread over more years so you don’t notice.

Why could this be bad for you as a consumer?

  1. Almost everyone tries to get you to upgrade at year 4.5 — We understand they all say it’s free, but it’s actually just included…  you are paying for these last 6 months one way or the other.
  2. Technology changes quickly.  Do you want to be stuck with the technology of 5 years ago as you try and be competitive with your business?
  3. Savings — If you can get the maintenance requoted after 3 years, it makes it so you can then go year to year or month to month.  I actually like 4 year contracts the best.  This is about when all of our customers are really ready for something new anyway.

We hope if you are looking for a copier in Fort Worth, you will give us a call!