If Your Quote Looks Simple, It’s Missing the Mark

Get A Quote That Meets Your Needs

Get A Quote That Meets Your Needs

Quotes are funny things.   When we ask for one here in Forth Worth, we like a simple number that covers all our needs.   It feels good to get a couple of them, take the least expensive one, subtract if from the most expensive quote and pat ourselves on the back for how much money we “saved.”

If you’re doing this with your copier quotes, you’re most likely getting taken for a ride…even on the cheapest one.   A Fort Worth copier quote should be tailored to your specific needs and reflect that on the quote.   You should have:

1. All finishing options (and their prices on there)

2. How much your paying on maintenence

3. How much you’re paying for consumables, and

4. How much your total cost for your copier is.

Each copier has dramatically varying costs (for the copier and for the supplies).   If you don’t know where that one, simple number is coming from, you don’t know what you’re paying for.   I reccomend looking at our Copiers For Sale page to get an idea of how much the cost of ownership SHOULD be for your needs.   If you do this, you’ll be an informed Forth Worth customer asking for a detailed quote…instead of a happy-go-lucky sucker who’s easy prey for copier salesmen.

Check out our site, look around at the tips, and then call for a quote.   It may not be one simple number, but it will help you be an informed consumer who’s getting a good deal.   I look forward to working with you.