Don’t Get Trapped by Your Copier Company in Ft Worth!

Buying a Copier Without Assessing Risks is a Dangerous Game!

Buying a Copier Without Assessing Risks is a Dangerous Game!

Are you in the market for a new copier in Fort Worth?  Is it time to get rid of that old copier and get something a little more modern in the office.  Something that will actually scan and make your life easier…  Before you breathe too big a sigh of relief, there are some things you should be thinking about and some hard questions you should be asking your copier rep before you sign on the line that is dotted!

If my brother owned a small or medium sized business and decided to call me for some copier advice and to make sure he had a good deal, here are some tips I would give him.  (Knowing my brothers, I don’t think they’ll do this anytime soon, so you may as well get the benefit from this imaginary conversation!)

  • Do not sign up for a 5 year contract unless you are absolutely going to let it go to the end of that contract.  Don’t take any “free upgrades” at year 4 because that is not a “free upgrade” at all.  It’s just included in the new contract.
  • Don’t sign a contract that uses language like “we reserve the right to raise the contract rate by 15% each calendar year.”  Someone else will do the contract without that language.
  • Don’t buy a tabloid copier if you don’t do tabloid printing and don’t buy finishing unless you absolutely need them in your next copier in Fort Worth.
  • Make sure to do a few copier comparisons before blindly spending $12,000
  • Don’t buy a color copier in Fort Worth if you don’t need color!

These few simple tricks can save you thousands of dollars and don’t require you to be a copier authority in Fort Worth to save money.  If  you would like a quote, please give us a call!