Take Care of Your Fort Worth Copier Needs…Responsibly

If you're in charge of your Fort Worth copier management, are you being responsible?

If you're in charge of your Fort Worth copier management, are you being responsible?

Being in the Fort Worth copier business is an adventure every day.   I generally divide groups of people I market copiers to into three basic categories:

1. Those who “Get It.”

2. Those who “Don’t Get It.”

3. Those who “Are Skeptical.”

Those who “get it” are by far the easiest to market to.   They’re the market I make copier sales to.   They are normally decisive, interested in the bottom line, and care about being responsible with their (if they’re an owner) or their company’s resources.   They actually study the spreadsheets I make and look at the copier comparison feature of this site.   They’re informed and responsible.

Those who “don’t get it” are BEYOND frustrating…they are generally so stuck in their old ways (“we need a huge copier with all the bells and whistles…even though we don’t use them”) that they end up squandering their company’s resources (people in this group are very rarely company owners!).

Those who “are skeptical.”   This group is actually fairly easy to market to because after looking at hard cost comparisons, they will normally take several days to do the research.   Three days later, I’ll get a surprise call with a copier order!

Take a close look at which group you are in.   If you’re not open to looking at different types of Fort Worth copier technology, maybe you’re in group two.   If so, there is a very good chance you’re not managing the office finances that have been entrusted to you.   Do your copier research before buying or signing a copier lease in Fort Worth…make sure you’re being responsible with your resources!