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Is it Hard to get a Hold of Your Copier Rep?

Can you Get a Hold of Your rep

Can you Get a Hold of Your rep

You signed your contract last month, everything with the copier worked well for the first few weeks, and now you have a few technical questions…  the copier rep in Fort Worth that had called every day for a month is now taking 3 or 4 days to get back with you.  What can you do?  The unfortunate thing is there is not a whole lot you can do.  This is  why it’s so important to deal with a rep who you can trust.  A rep in Fort Worth that will not just deal with the good times, but also with the bad times.  How can you find such a rep?

One thing you can do is to inquire of your friends and find out if any of them have an experience with a rep that has consistently been on their side.  One that has gone to bat for them on billing issues, one that has helped provide loaner equipment when they were down.  One that is not always trying to charge them for every 5 minutes after the contract was signed in Fort Worth but promised everything for free before the contract was signed.

A good and honest copier rep is hard to find.  If you have one, we would love to work with you but understand if you want to stay with them.  We enjoy this relationship with our customers.  If you have struggled getting fair pricing or callbacks from your current company until the lease was about us, wouldn’t it be wise to give another company a chance to bid and make your life easier as far as copiers in Fort Worth are concerned for the next 4 to 5 years?