Tarrant County Copier Buying Tips — #1

Finding a Great Copier Deal in Tarrant County!

Finding a Great Copier Deal in Tarrant County!

Are you a company in Tarrant County that needs a new copier, or maybe a used copier would suit you fine.  How do you decide what is the best way to get this new copier or used copier in Tarrant County?  The first thing that you should consider is the concept of TCO.  TCO is total cost of ownership.  It is crucial in copier purchases because copiers in Tarrant County have so many details that if the TCO is not measured, you will never get the best deal on a copier in Tarrant County.

So, how do you determine the TCO of a copier in Tarrant County?

  1. Maintenance — See how much the maintenance of the copier costs.  Usually this will be for BOTH the maintenance and supplies, but not always.  Add this number for the length of the lease.
  2. Supplies — If not in the cost per print mode, then you need to see how much supplies will cost over the term of the copier lease in Tarrant County.
  3. Equipment — Don’t seperate the equipment from the supplies and maintenance.  All three are crucial to get an accurate TCO of your copier in Tarrant County.

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