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Tarrant County Copier Buying — Tip #2

How Long Does Your Copier Take to Warm up?

How Long Does Your Copier Take to Warm up?

There are a lot of comapnies out there who are really worried about the speed of their copier in Tarrant County.  They look at the spec sheets to see how many pages per minute the perspective copier will run.  However, today’s Tarrant County Copier tip is to pay attention to warm up times.  What is a warm up time?  Basically, the warm up time is the time a copier takes to go from cold or “sleep” to ready to print copies.

Why does this matter?  One company I was working with went to a competitor because they didn’t believe warm up time mattered and they paid over twice what they needed to (approx an extra $75,000 on 6 copiers) because they wanted the fastest rated speed for their copier in Tarrant County.  Well, what they didn’t account for was their people tended to do short runs and the other copier (the one we suggested) would have been done printing over 95% of their jobs before the other copier even started because there was almost a full minute differential in warm up time.

If the warm up time difference is less than 6 seconds, it is likely you’ll never notice the difference.  If it is more than 6 seconds, you need to stop and do the math to make sure spending twice as much for a faster copier in Tarrant County won’t slow you down!