Copier Recycling in Tarrant County/Fort Worth

How to Get an Old Copier Out of Your Office

How to Get an Old Copier Out of Your Office

Tarrant County Companies often are trying to figure out how to get rid of copiers AFTER they have bought their new copier which is kind of crazy given they would have more leverage if they were to do this BEFORE they bought the copier in Tarrant County in the first place.  So, if you are in this position, what should you do?  There are 3 good options in this scenario:

  1. If the copier works well, you could donate it to a non-profit who may have a need and then you could get a tax break.
  2. If your have a good relationship with your copier company, ask them to remove it since they just sold you a copier.  If they want to charge too much you may want to just send it to a recycling company instead.
  3. Send it to a recycling company.  We feel you should work with a company that complies with the Basel Action Network which certifies recycling companies who do not send all their electronics to Asia and Africa to sit in a landfill there.

Here is a responsible E-cyler in the DFW area.

UDT/ECS Tarrant County

8131 Forney Rd

Tarrant County, TX 75227

Phone: (972) 524-1075