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How to Spot a “Naughty Copier Rep” — Tips From Santa…

Santa Gets Dismayed about Copier Reps Tricks!

Santa Gets Dismayed about Copier Reps Tricks!

If you were to look at Santa’s “naughty list” you would see there are a lot of copier reps on this list.  Why?  Well, it seems that most are more worried about the next sale than they are in actually helping you with your Tarrant County Fort Worth Copier needs.  If you need a copier in Tarrant County Fort Worth and you have been frustrated with the quality of sales rep who comes by your office, then here are a few ways to spot a nefarious copier rep without getting locked into a bad long term contract!

  • If the rep comes with a spec sheet on a copier before they have assessed your needs, there is a problem. That is like showing you a house before the realtor learns if you have kids or a good paying job… Without assessing needs there should be no product talk.
  • If the rep is immediately “trying to convince” you of your need for something that is more expensive, be cautious.  If they are just giving you information and seem to be OK with you choosing either option, this is generally a good sign.
  • If the rep is bad mouthing specific competitors, this is generally a bad sign.  There really is no need to sling mud at a specific company.  If they are helping you to avoid a general practice, this can be productive. 
  • If a rep tries to “make a deal” that expires today, this is also a bad sign in general.

Hopefully following a few of these principles will keep you from a bad copier rep in Tarrant County Fort Worth.