Cheap Copier in Tarrant County, Yes… It is Possible

Many of Our Piggy Banks Have Suffered With the Downturn...

Many of Our Piggy Banks Have Suffered With the Downturn...

Have you been wishing you could pay less for a copier in Tarrant County/Fort Worth?  It is something many people are looking to do.  Can you get a cheap copier in Tarrant County?  Of Course! Should you?  Well, that is a completely different question.

“Cheap” always has a bad connotation.  We will use “cheap” to denote the concept of “low cost,” not to mean “poor quality.”  If what you mean is also “low cost,” there are some great copiers out in the market, especially for the low volume user.  If you are printing 2,000 pages a month, there is absolutely no problem in purchasing a little copier like the Lexmark X464de.  It’s $1,200, not $6,000 and would work awesome for a small volume application. 

Traditional copier companies will always want to sell the $6,000 because they have quotas they have to reach from the manufacturer. These quotas create the dilemna for the copier company of whether to sell you the small copier because it would work perfectly fine, but would jeopardize their dealership and then in turn this would affect the quality of service the rest of their customers received.  This is a massive dilemna for the copier company who is tied to a manufacturer which requires a quota in order to sell their products. 

Examples of copier manufacturers who require minimum annual revenue to retain a dealership are: Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Canon, and Oce.

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