Fort Worth Color Copier Sales!

Don't Get Caught by Surprise!

Are you looking at color copiers in Fort Worth?  We find that when people are shopping for a color copier, it seems they are almost all doing it last minute and the company with the smoothest sales rep wins the business instead of the copier company with the best offering for the customer.  I am sure that we even benefit from this at times, but it would be better for everyone if those looking for a color copier took into account some basic color copier need considerations.

  1. Do you need tabloid or just letter/legal?
  2. What is the expected copy count per month on the new color copier
  3. What are your service requirements?  Do you want a local Fort Worth company, like ours taking care of your copier or someone out of state?
  4. Any color quality concerns?
  5. How long to do plan to use the copier.

By having answers to just these simple questions before you start looking for a color copier, you can save yourself thousands of dollars on your next color copier in Fort Worth!