Copier Rental or Small Copier Purchase?

Rent a Copier or Purchase a Small Copier?

Fort Worth Copiers: Rental or Used or Small?

Many businesses in Fort Worth have become aware of the new functionality of the modern copy machine. In addition to providing a convenient way to complete essential business tasks like scanning, faxing and printing, there are new models on the market that take project integration to a whole new level.

These copiers are run by a computer for accelerated tasking and document tracking. Their amazing print resolution is truly breathtaking; however, these models are often beyond the operational budget of many small Fort Worth businesses. Advanced tasks might include large color copying, stapling or even tabloid printing in order to command your readers’ attention. This is where the rental option comes in handy. If you are looking for a fast solution to a big project problem, renting one of these fine copiers will satisfy.

However, if you are looking for a rental copier just to get through a busy month or two, and also have plans to do so in the future, there are many models that would suit your purposes better through direct purchasing. A used Lexmark X364, for example, can accommodate a moderate print volume, and it has a printing speed of around 30 pages per minute.

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