How to Ask the Right Questions when Buying a Fort Worth Copier

Asking the Right Copier Buying Questions

It is healthy to have a long list of questions during the process of researching a Fort Worth copier. However, we always advise clients to think about how they arrived at a particular question. Most of our customers ask questions about Fort Worth copiers based on the information that is already available to them. While this is a great place to start, we are here to help customers learn how to ask the questions that will save money during the life of their copier or laser printer.

Wrong Questions, Wrong Answers!

Many dealers and representatives like to talk about the features that are comfortable for them. This could be brand preference, support services, maintenance, warranties or performance. They might talk about the ticket price, special per-print offers or the quality of color. All of these are certainly important points, but you might be surprised to find out what is being omitted from the conversation.

• Cumulative cost of ownership
• Installation costs
• Printing speed and lifespan

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