Save Money on Black and White

Do you have a black and white copier?

These days the economy is tight. It’s important to make sure that you are making smart financial decisions, and when it comes to copiers  it can be easy to mess up.

An example is a customer that I worked with that had a desktop copier. Nothing fancy, just a small copier that he was doing about 5,000 copies a month on for $335.00 per month. I did a little calculating with him and easily discovered that that meant he was paying %.067 per print for black and white. That is way way to much.

If he had done things differently before he got into a contract he could have got something like a Lexmark X654e. For something like $90/mo. for the copier, $40/mo. for maintenance, and $60/mo. for supplies ($190 total per month) he could have been doing the exact same number of prints.

I don’t know how people end up overspending like this. It may be that understanding copier quotes is confusing and people find that it’s easier to guess than get down to the facts. If that’s you, then you may be gambling hundreds per month.

If you need help finding the best option we’ll walk you through the math, if you are in Fort Worth please call.