Copier Training

Fort Worth, you can get more out of your copier

Your copier is one of the most sophisticated, well thought out and expensive pieces of office equipment you own. Even entry level copiers have thousands of hours put into their design, and carefully selected functions. How much do you think you will spend on your next copier? If you are like most businesses then it’s in the thousands. Why not spend the $200 – $400  to get it installed correctly and to have your office trained to use it to it’s potential?

With proper training you can avoid time wasting mistakes. Let’s say that you need to print off 1/4 page fliers for your sales reps to hand out. Most of the time it will be printed, shrunk, shrunk again, then cut, then pasted. Twenty minutes later you have a final product.  The copier has a function to do this same thing in about three minutes. There isn’t excess copying so it looks better, it uses less resources, it saves time. With a little training these kind of mistakes can be eliminated. Can you imagine the time you could save in a year?

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