Lease Returns on Copiers in Fort Worth TX

If you have a copier here in Ft Worth and are coming up on the end of your lease, there may be some unpleasant surprises awaiting you!  What will you find that might drive you crazy or to a new copier company in Ft Worth?

  • You will be responsible for shipping back the old copier to the leasing company.  Yes, this is the same leasing company paid thousands of dollars in interest to….
  • There is an “automatic rollover” — Meaning if you don’t tell the leasing company about your intent to return the copier before the time specified in your contract, you could be stuck with that copier for another year.
  • We have seen some customers package their copier, and then after it was all packaged, their copier company reminded them the hard drives should be wiped for data security purposes.  Guess what?  They had to unpackage the copier and then package it again or decide their stored numbers in the fax system, etc weren’t a big deal to give away.
  • There is what’s called a “bolt on” with leases.  This is a complete ripoff, the copier company at year 3 comes back to the customer and signs another 5 year contract so the contract is renewed, but the equipment is not.

Ultimately, there are a lot of leasing tricks out there.  Give me a call and I can help you avoid these nightmares plus more for your next copier purchase here in Ft Worth!