Copier tips for Fort Worth

A few things you should know about your copiers

Keep your costs low!

If you have copiers you know they are a considerable expense. Here are a few tips that will help you keep those costs low.

1. When you buy a copier look at the total cost. Don’t get hung up on the copier cost or the cost per print. Take all expenses minus paper over the life of the lease into account before you decide.

2. Check the maintenance records on all of your machines. Is one breaking down more then the others? How much does the maintenance and down time cost your business?

3. If you don’t need 11×17 then don’t get it.

4. If you don’t need color then don’t get it. It will be used and it will cost you money that you didn’t need to spend.

5. Make sure your sales rep knows if you work for a bigger business. Sometimes you will qualify for “major account” price discounts.

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