Fort Worth Copier Leasing

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In automotive sales, end-of-the month pressures can affect both the salesperson and management. The dealership might be one car away from hitting a manufacturer bonus, and you might represent the sale that it just has to have. To a fair degree, the same dynamic exists in the world of copier leasing.

Even Timing Is Important

If your Fort Worth business is planning to lease a nice, new multi-function copier, the timing of the deal can even save money, in two ways. First, it is actually true that deals can be better at the end of the month. Your rep’s commissions are paid monthly, and he’s facing a 30 day delay in his payment if he doesn’t get that signature on the contract before the first of the month.

Second, have the copier delivered after the 15th of the month. Lease companies work with a monthly payment cycle. Therefore, the pro-rated payment for the half-month or less will simply get tacked on to the next month’s payment notice. If your copier is delivered on the 16th, you’ll have the use of your new copier for 45 days before that first payment has to be made.

However, a word of caution is appropriate at this juncture. Some lease companies have been known to essentially sneak an extra full month’s bill into the deal. If your accounting department is not alerted to the possibility, it is possible that you’ll get billed for a full month that isn’t even in the lease. You’ll pay for 61 months on a 60 month lease. With just a little care, such a scenario is easily avoided.