Buying a Used Copier

Earth SymbolSave and go green with a refurbished machine

The economy is still in recovery but you need a new, faster copier with more features. Don’t despair, a refurbished xerox machine may be just what you need. In addition to money, a refurbished machine can help your company reduce its carbon footprint.

Want to do your part to prevent dumps from being filled with toxic plastics and inks? Instead of a new machine, you can purchase a refurbished machine and go green.

Buying a refurbished copier is different than buying a used machine. Refurbished machines have been repaired and have had parts replaced. Refurbished machines are tuned, adjusted, and thoroughly cleaned. Refurbished copiers are only sold after being are tested using original production factory standards. And important storage components, including hard drives from the old machines, are destroyed and replaced for new customers. Refurbished multi-purpose machines with scanner, faxes, and internet connectivity can be purchased as well.

Do you need a copier that has more than Buying a refurbished machine can result in significant cost savings for your business. It is also an affordable way of upgrading and adding new features such as booklet making, collating, and stapling add-ons.

Another great way to help save the environment and reduce costs is to also use recycled printer and ink cartridges for your copiers/printers. For more information on refurbished copier machines contact your local copier representative and find out what machines are in stock.