Xerox Rebates – Time to Trade Up?

Keep your costs low!

Keep your costs low!

Getting a rebate is great

The great XEROX rebate…Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a new XEROX copier and then trade-in your old non-XEROX machine for a substantial rebate?

With the XEROX trade up program that is exactly what you can do….trade up and get cash.
Even if you got a different type of discount, unless otherwise specified you will be eligible for the XEROX trade-up program.

Most XEROX products are eligible for the program but if you bought an item on the list you can contact the XEROX trade-up program and see if you can still be credited through an offline process.

First, buy your copier. During the process, check and make sure the copier you are buying is eligible for the program.

Then fill out the online trade-up form, found here:

Then, spend five whole minutes filling it out. Make sure you fill it in completely.

Or when you are buying your XEROX copier ask your salesman to fill out the form for you.
Next either email or fax your receipt of purchase to XEROX at the address given at the website above.

Do this all within 30 day of purchasing your copier to be eligible for a rebate.

And presto, about six to eight weeks later you should receiving a big rebate in the mail.

The XEROX website has a complete list of rules, regulations, and FAQs regarding the program, see the link above.