Buying a Copier in Ft Worth

get-a-quoteBuying a Copier

Buying the right copier/printer at the right price is an important decision for a small business. Here are some items to consider as you evaluate your options:

1. Getting the right lease with a fair financing package is critical. Generally copier leases come either require that a company returns the copier, in which case it is imperative to check the details on how the copier must be shipped back. Or you may receive a buck out lease, in which your company will have the option to purchase the machine at the end of the lease. Make sure that you have more than a ten day period to pay the lease before you start accruing late fees.

2. The terms of your copier agreement should be read carefully. While a ½ per copy is a considered a low price, if you do a significant amount of color copying be sure to negotiate a lower price as your volume goes up. Make sure to find out the costs of toner and supplies and make sure that amount that you are paying for is commensurate with your expected usage.

3. Consider the full range of machines available for today’s offices. Many all-in-one machines come with built in scanner, fax machines, and Ethernet capabilities. Consider getting a machine (and the required technical assistance as part of your overall package) which can be integrated with your existing office directories,such as LDAP and office directory.

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