Fort Worth Copier Sales

At one time, books and documents were laboriously copied by hand. Few people could read, fewer still could write. Books were extremely valuable commodities and copies of documents were ferociously guarded and preserved.

Then, Johannes Guttenberg came along with movable type around 1439 and launched a revolution that has influenced humanity to this day.

As profound at that revolution was, it is not much of an exaggeration to compare the technology of today and find ways where the computer age represents a shift of equal magnitude in how information is printed, stored and delivered.

Copiers are an ideal example. From rather humble beginnings, they evolved to where we find ourselves more and more reliant on these workhouses that do so much more than make copies.

There has also been an exponential advance in reliability, but it is still nice to know that experienced and trained local technicians are ready to step in when the built-in diagnostic features of today’s equipment is occasionally not equal to the task.

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