Cost per Print or Cost per Click

Kyocera_TASKalfa-650cFort Worth Copier: Distinction Between Click Charge and Cost Per Print

Copier companies in Forth Worth need to keep at the top of their business and offer quality, consistent services for their customers, with about the same revenue coming in monthly from prints. However, many companies mistakenly sign up for too many pages on a monthly basis when they buy a copier. This is a result of “more is more” mentality, where we feel it’s better to overextend ourselves and have more resources on hand than to be left short. But consider the fact that overages are pretty consistent as far as per-click cost goes.

Your company could be overpaying every month for pages you never even use, translating to more money out the window that could be going to more important business costs that you actually use within your Fort Worth business. There’s a distinct difference between click charge and cost per print. One of our clients paid $500 per month for 80,000 prints at a great per copy price; however, they were only printing an average of 35,000 pages each month so in fact the deal that sounded so good on paper was costing them more than double. They were essentially paying for 45,000 unused pages monthly and they could have saved $1800 a year if they just paid for what they used. So, bottom line is it’s important to examine your click charge as it relates to your actual per print cost. Take into account the amount you’re paying and divide that number by the number of actual prints you are making as part of your Forth Worth copier operations.