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Asking the Right Questions

Buying a copier is a big decision for any business. Office managers have a lot of different things that they have to keep in mind – coworkers that they need to meet the needs of and different customers that have

Keep your costs low!

Keep your costs low!

various needs. There are a lot of things that you should ask yourself before you even begin the process of looking for a copier.  

You should know things like whether or not you will need to be able to scan and fax on top of having the ability to copy. If you will need to be able to do things like scan and fax, you should have a pretty good idea to know how often you will be using these kinds of features.
You should also ask yourself about whether or not you will need finishing with your copier and if you would like to have the option of being able to print in the tabloid format. A lot of these options can be pretty pricey so it is a good idea to know if it will be worth the initial cost to justify how much you will be using it.
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