Considering a Copier in Fort Worth?

What to Consider Before Buying a Copier

Are you in the market for a copier in Fort Worth? You may know that you need a copier to photocopy large quantities of documents on a regular basis. But that may be all that you know. Here are two important question to ask before you head out to shop for copiers in Fort Worth.

Color or Black and White?
Not all copiers have the ability to print with colored inks. Not all businesses need that capability, either. Before you assume that a copier that prints in black and colored inks is better, you should know that color ink cartridges are extremely expensive. Before you buy a copier, you need to research the cost of the supplies it will require.

Can You Fix it When it Breaks?
That’s right, your copier will break – it’s a matter of when not if. When you are researching Fort Worth copier suppliers, make sure to look for one that includes a maintenance plan. A broken copier will do you no good. Look for a vendor that provides you the peace of mind of regular or emergency service calls.