Reducing Your Fort Worth Toner Costs

Whether you use a laser or ink-jet printer in your Fort Worth area business, the cost of printing documents can be high. Because toner and ink cartridges hold a limited quantity, it is important that you maximize the number of copies you make per cartridge as a way to save money. There are several cartridge saving techniques that you can follow.

Set the machine default to print in draft mode or the lowest quality setting whenever possible. Change the font that you use when printing. Some easy-to-read fonts are thinner and require less ink without reducing readability. Print in black and white during the layout process. Use color ink only for the final documents.

Do not change the cartridge when the low toner indicator activates, it may still have the capacity to print several more copies. Evaluate the page yield and cost per page difference between a generic and name brand cartridge. Select the option with the lowest per page cost. If you seem to run out of toner long before you should, contact your Fort Worth area service technician to clean the dispensers inside the machine.