How Warm Up Time Affects Copier Performance

When you’re buying a new copier in Fort Worth, understanding warm-up time is essential. Otherwise, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out how that factor is a key in deciding which copier to purchase. Here are the basics so that you can find the best fit for your Fort Worth office.

The time it takes for a copier to do a job directly impacts how productive the machine will be. Be alert to the sales rep who talks only about a copier machine’s speed. If they’re steering clear of other things, that’s not a good sign. Don’t be afraid to bring up the question of warm-up time for the copier you’re looking at.

Warm-up time is essentially how long it takes for the copier to progress from first placing the page on the glass and pressing start to when the job is actually completed. The reason this is important is because regardless of what the machine’s copy speed is, if it takes a long time to get started, you’ll lose time. It’s best to buy a Fort Worth copier with a quick warm-up time.