Are Copiers Cheaper than Printers?

A popular belief these days pertaining to the copier/printer war in Forth Worth is that laser printers are more expensive than a copier, but this is a myth. The reality is that this is often true and it is often false. When thinking of the TCO, which stands for the Total Cost of Ownership, there are many items that are included that make up the complete number. Among the things to consider is the cost of power, maintenance, per print and the printer or copier itself. Unfortunately, part of the myth is that people only look at the cost per print and not the cost of the unit itself.

Nearly all available copiers in Fort Worth have a “printer version.” Although printers may be different, but the cost per print is the same even though a printer, such as the Kyocera 9520, is less than half the price of copier, such as the Kyocera 5035. A copier can be cheaper to run. However, the bottom line is that it depends on a number of variables whether a printer or copier in Fort Worth is cheaper than the other is. These are older models as a point of reference, but if you are getting a copier, you could give us a call and we can tell you what the printer version of that copier is.