Letter/Legal or Tabloid Copies in Fort Worth?

Xerox-Docucolor-2240There are a lot of factors that go into buying a copier for your Fort Worth office, but sometimes there are considerations that companies make because they get caught up in the belief that they must have something that may not be necessary for their business needs. When you’re going through a demo and learning about a machine, don’t be swayed into unnecessary thinking.

One of the things that comes up when customers are looking through a copier demo is that a lot of Fort Worth offices think they should have tabloid copying just in case they need it. It’s not because they use it, but they think they might. That can tack on an expense that runs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 more, depending on all the options.

You should determine whether or not you truly need tabloid or if you can manage without it with a less expensive copier. If you do use tabloid but have other devices that can be used to perform that printing, then it’s an unnecessary cost to order it for your Forth Worth office. You can save thousands of dollars by being smart about your office needs.