Lower Your Costs With a Forth Worth Copier or Printer

The primary goals for most businesses are to increase profits while decreasing expenses. When it comes to your printer or copier, you want to protect your organization’s bottom line as much as possible. By keeping a tight leash on your machine and what it does for employees, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. There are some basics that you could probably benefit from knowing if you are in the market for a copier or a printer. Granted, there are many copier representatives that will do whatever they can to make a sale, but not all of them will, here are two tips that will help you protect yourself from getting scammed:

  1. Avoid paying for scans. Realistically, this should not cost anyone anything. If you have to pay for scans, you should never be charged more than $.0015 per scan, whether it is color or black & white only. While paying for scans is a little sketchy, paying any more than $.0015 is a rip-off.
  2. If your copier offers color, try to get everybody on board about printing in black & white only whenever possible. Train your employees and users on the mathematics of printing in color versus printing in black & white.