Understanding Your Copier Lease

Understand the Type of Copier or Printer You Will Be Leasing

While you may understand the facts about the office equipment you plan to lease, are you well informed about the dealer that you will be associated with? We persuade you to ask about the dealer’s leasing in-charge, which will save you on time, stress and money during the lease. For example, ask how long they have been working with the leasing companies they currently use. In addition, how well does the staff of this leasing company understand the office equipment industry? If you have problems, you do not want to work with incompetent staff who take days to fix the problem.

In addition, if you need special terms in your lease, try to negotiate with the leasing company. Leasing companies want your business, and oftentimes, you can get into a more favorable lease if you negotiate. Also, ask when they upgrade the office equipment, and the types of upgrades being offered. The advantage of leasing is that you do not have to keep outdated printing equipment in the office, which guarantees maximum efficiency in the workplace.