Desktop Copier a Good Solution?

With a desktop copier, you reduce the time and cost needed to fax, print and duplicate materials. Even today, black-and-white desktop copiers remain the most widespread option available. For businesses that do not need color for their documents, this becomes an excellent cost-saving option.

If your business requires a color desktop copier, call our Fort Worth business. We have multiple options available that deliver functionality. The advantage of using a desktop copier is that it uses less space than a larger copier, and it will save money. While these copiers do not typically operate at the highest level, they work great for a medium-sized office that needs a good copier. At our Fort Worth business, we sell Copystar and Savin, brands that are known for unrivaled quality.

To determine the size of your copier, you should first ask yourself how many pages you print per week. You will need a higher engine speed and multiple copiers if you deal with hundreds of thousands of pages per month. In addition, examine the monthly duty cycle. A lower-end business duty cycle will sit at 20,000 pages per month, whereas a higher-end copier will boast a 100,000 pages per month duty cycle.