Getting to Know Xerox

Xerox has led the printing industry for decades because of their amazing service and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a company, they were the first to invent the desktop computer, office server and graphical user interface. This device later became known as the mouse. They eventually licensed their inventions to Steve Jobs who used them to create the first version of the Macintosh computer.

In addition, Xerox invented what is known as e-Concierge, which gathers data so that you can order toner and paper before you run out. Aside from printing technology, Xerox has been progressive when it comes to social concerns, which is evidenced by the fact that they are the only Fortune 500 company that has an African-American female for their CEO.

Xerox offers Cloud-based products that allow for easy sharing of files for workers who operate remotely. They can print their files from wherever they might be as long as they have access to an Internet connection. Did you know that Xerox also invented the first laser jet printer? With a proven track record, no wonder they have become a Fortune 500 company. They have led the industry in innovation since they first started their company, and they continue to initiate progress for the printing industry.